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Flea Control Richmond Hill offers customers all over the city affordable and unmatched pest control services done by insured and licensed exterminators. Our technicians have access to effective and potent commercial-grade pesticides that have long-lasting residual effects. Furthermore, pesticides have low mammalian toxicity which makes them safe for humans and pets.

We deploy crack and crevice treatments pesticides with pesticide dusts, liquids, and aerosols to get to the deep spots to flush out fleas and deploy a growth inhibitor to curb the spread as well as the growth of the overall infestation. Our treatments have low-mammalian toxicity and have residual effects that will affect the population as soon as they walk on the substance. As we work to remove fleas in the interiors, we must let you know that we do not remove fleas from pets themselves. For this please go to a pet specialist or groomer.

Fleas are parasitic insects that feed off the blood of your pet. These fleas strike at any given time and also nest in the fur to produce larvae. This can cause discomfort to the pet which can lead to excessive scratching and open wounds. In turn, this can lead to severe infections. Our work is covered with a 6-month service warranty. If fleas come back, we will come back as well. Call xxx-xxx-xxx

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Guaranteed Service

warranty 6 months

If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period, we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers flea free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for flea control services in Richmond Hill. 

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Flea Removal Process


Before the arrival of our technicians, customers need to be prepared in making sure that our technicians have easy access and facilitate a smooth treatment process. We require our customers to stow away bedding and clothes and to wash these clothes in hot water. Living spaces and bedrooms will also need to be decluttered. We will send a detailed prep sheet in advance.


Fleas are very small insects that can change your pets’ lives and for this, we carefully look for signs and traces of infestation. Fleas are very good jumpers and might find themselves on any kind of surface. Furthermore, we will ask the property owner follow-up questions about pets to understand the situation better. During the inspection process, we will look for hotspots and areas of high activity. Once the inspection is done, we will convey the information to the property owner for a same-day inspection.


Flea control specialists will deploy a wide variety of several insecticides in aerosol, liquids, and dusts that have been proven to work with each case. We use successful methods targeted at killing fleas and their eggs with extremely high temperatures which ensure to kill them. Most flea treatments take about 2 days, and this will depend on the scale and severity of the flea infestation. The large the infestation, the more time the technicians will need. A vacancy will be needed for a few hours.


Fleas are the type of pests that make their way into the home in a variety of ways primarily through your pets or other pets. How your pets got them is difficult to say since fleas have an incredible jumping ability which allows them to travel significant distances, but constant upkeep and cleaning of your property will keep them the way. This includes living spaces and bedrooms as well. As well as detecting signs of any pet discomfort.

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Fleas Commonly Feed On Hairy Animals Such As:











Flea Dangers

Fleas carry a wide range of viruses and can cause diseases through a single bite. There are several fleas which can even find their way into human sin. It can cause an allergic reaction and can be uncomfortable for your pets depending on the level of infestation. Antibiotic treatment is needed for both animals and humans.

Flea information

Fleas are parasitic insects that thrive on the blood of your pets. They will make a nest in your pets’ furs and will also deliver larvae there. They can lay as many as 20 fleas in a single batch. Fleas are extremely problematic since they bring great discomfort to your pests. They will scratch themselves till they have an open wound. If this scratching goes on long enough this can lead to open wounds which in turn can lead to infections. Since they are so minuscule it is very difficult to track them down, if not impossible without professional intervention.

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Flea Signs

  • Flea dirt refers to the tiny particles on your bed which are fleas. If you rub them together blood will appear. 
  • Cats and dogs will excessively scratch themselves. 
  • Red patches of skin. Flea bites can cause hypersensitive skin, rashes, and open wounds on the skin. 
  • Depending on how severe these flea bites and infestations are, the pet might have hair loss. It might cause so much discomfort that the pet will bite off its fur. 
  • Pale gums. This is because of the lack of red blood cells that the pest loses from the flea bites. 

Flea Hiding Places

  • Fleas will hide in cracks and crevices, flooring, and baseboards. 
  • Underneath your rugs, carpets, and pet’s bedding. 
  • Fleas might even hide in your mattress and bed as well. You will see tiny specks known as flea dirt

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Because we have the tools, the skills, and the crew to get rid of the infestation through our robust multi-step flea removal process. We have commercial-grade pesticides at hand that will give customers a seamless process that is worth the investment. We take our time to find the sources of the infestation, devise a plan of action, and exterminate fleas until there are no fleas left.

warranty 6 months

Flea Control Richmond Hill

If you are dealing with a flea control infestation for a long time or short time, we can help. We have the pesticides, the crew, and the equipment at hand to ensure total flea elimination. Our technicians are licensed and licensed professionals that can handle any kind of infestation regardless of severity and scale. Our service is backed up with a 6-month service warranty. Call xxx-xxx-xxx

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