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Flea Control Ajax is a comprehensive flea control and extermination service that deals with the removal of fleas from residential and commercial properties. As specialists, we engage in the direct crack and crevice treatment with potent insecticides such as fleas with pesticide dusts, liquids, and aerosols low in mammalian toxicity. Residual effects will affect the fleas as soon as they walk on it and perish. We also use growth inhibitor to stop the spread done by licensed exterminators. As a flea control service, we do not remove fleas from common household pets. For a specialized and targeted treatment on your actual pets, please refer to a veterinarian or a pet specialty store for help. The licensed professionals are trained, certified, and insured to ensure a uniform quality of services throughout the city of Ajax. We keep you safe with our 6-month service warranty that promises our return when they do free of cost. Call xxx-xxx-xxx.

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Guaranteed Service

warranty 6 months

If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period, we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers flea free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for flea control services in Ajax. 

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Flea Removal Process


Before the arrival of our technicians, customers will be sent a detailed prep sheet with what they are expected to do. Customers are expected to declutter their living spaces and bedrooms for easy and unobstructed access to where fleas tend to congregate.


Fleas are incredibly minuscule animals that can completely change your pet’s behaviour and for this, we carefully look for signs of infestation. Fleas are quite the high jumpers and might even find themselves somewhere on any surface away from the pet. We will ask the homeowner questions regarding the pet as well in connection to fleas.


The flea control experts use a variety of methods in the form of aerosol, liquids, and dust forms that have been proven to work. We utilize proven long-lasting methods specifically aimed to kill fleas along with their eggs at extremely high temperatures with steamers and thermal treatment. We also check for flea eggs and make sure they are killed as well to get rid of fleas. Most fleas treatments take about 2 days. We require occupants to vacate for a few hours during the extermination


Fleas are the type of pests that make their way into the home in a variety of ways primarily through your pets or other pets. How your pets got them is difficult to say since fleas have an incredible jumping ability which allows them to travel significant distances. The best way to prevent flea infestations is to maintain and upkeep cleaning. This will reduce This includes living spaces and bedrooms as well. As well as detecting signs of any pet discomfort.

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Fleas Commonly Feed On Hairy Animals Such As:











Flea Dangers

Fleas carry a wide range of viruses and can cause diseases through a single bite. There are several fleas which can even find their way into human sin. It can cause an allergic reaction and can be uncomfortable for your pets depending on the level of infestation. Antibiotic treatment is needed for both animals and humans.

Flea information

Fleas are parasitic insects that have a particular hunger for blood. Even though household pests are often the victim of fleas, this does not exclude humans. When pets are involved, it can change their behaviour since the fleas tend to build a mini colony on the pet’s skin and fur. Fleas are amazing breeders they can lay as many as 60 eggs in a single day!

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Flea Signs

  • Flea dirt refers to the tiny particles on your bed which are fleas. If you rub them together blood will appear.
  • Cats and dogs will excessively scratch themselves.
  • Red patches of skin. Flea bites can cause hypersensitive skin, rashes, and open wounds on the skin.
  • Depending on how severe these flea bites and infestation is, the pet might have hair loss. It might cause so much discomfort that the pet will bite off their fur.
  • Pale gums. This is because of the lack of red blood cells that the pest loses from the flea bites.

Flea Hiding Places

  • Fleas will hide in cracks and crevices, flooring, and baseboards.
  • Underneath your rugs, carpets, and pet’s bedding.
  • Fleas might even hide in your mattress and bed as well. You will see tiny specks known as flea dirt

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Flea infestations are impossible to contain through DIY methods. A lot of stores and websites do not mention that these measures are only temporary. In the end, money and time are wasted without seeing any visible results. Flea Control Ajax guarantees tangible and visible results within weeks at an affordable cost.

warranty 6 months

Flea Control Ajax

Flea Control Ajax has been in the flea control industry for years and is proud of the changes it can make to people’s lives all over Ajax and beyond. Our Flea control experts are part of an impeccable crew that has a long track record of solving the toughest pest control infestations far and wide. Our services are affordable, high-quality, and performed by licensed professionals. Our flea control services are backed by a 6-months of service warranty. If fleas return, we will do the same. Call xxx-xxx-xxx

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